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Autonomous Disaster Search & Recovery Module
“When you absolutely have to get it out” The   Autonomous   Disaster   Search   &   Recovery   Module   (ADSRM)   is   one   of   the   most   advanced   payload   modules   for   a Forager   configuration   within   the   product   line.      This   unit   has   a   multi-function   role   in   the   disaster   relief   arena   or   clean   up operations. The   ADSRM   is   best   suited   when   combined with   Forager-x   (-W   or   -T).      This   Omni- Chassis   was   chosen   for   the   autonomous function   in   combination   with   the   ability   to function as a remote control system. ADSRM       utilizes       a       basic       2-arm configuration.   Each   arm   has   a   capable   of 250    pound    lift.    The    arms    can    work    in concert   or   independently.   Each   contains   an end-effector   system   that   is   an   auto   quick change    (Pat.    Pending)    which    allows    for different     grabbers     and     cutters     to     be swapped   by   the   computer   on-the-fly.   The arms    themselves    are    6-DOF    (Degree-of- Freedom),     5     rotational     axis     and     1 extendable   boom   arm.   The   wrist   contains a   camera   system   for   tool   alignment   as   well as monitoring. The   module   is   also   equipped   with   2   boom arms   extendable   to   15   feet.   The   boom   has 4-axis    pivot    points    coupled    with    one    of multiple   available   pods   on   the   end.   This section   is   used   to   locate   trapped   victims, damage inspection or find lethal chemical leaks.  This keeps rescuers out of harms way until the last possible second. See Figure 1 for basic envelope. 
Specification: Footprint:  40 x 72 inches Transport Height: 56 inches above Forager deck with with main arms in stow position Lower Arm Elevation: +65°/-96° Upper Arm Elevation: +108°/-146° Main Arm Rotation: ±135° Main Arm Extension: 48 inches Capacity: 250 pounds Wrist Rotate: ±180° (NOT built as a drill) Wrist end-effector tilt: +90°/-115° End-effector reach: 132 inches from turret centerline End-Effector: 5-Finger Debris claw, 14-inch cutting disk, chainsaw, rock roof chisel,  more in design Sensor Boom: 84—180 inch, independently extendable sections Sensors: Color CCD Camera FLiR Methane, Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Hydrocarbon Sensors Directional Microphone Communications: Fiber Optics Power System: 480A/h LiFePO4 Batteries Cost: TBD
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