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 “When it needs to keep going” This   module   is   based   on   the   same   battery   units   with-in   Forager.   Current   units   are   configured for   lithium   (LiFePO4)   batteries.   This   was   done   for   power   density   and   charge   capability.   The case    handles    8    batteries    configured    in    series    to    deliver    24VDC.    Multiple    APMs    can    be configured   in   parallel   increasing   run-time   or   current   capacity.   Each   APM   contains   a   charging, current,    thermal    monitoring,    per    battery,    and    a    voltage/current    monitoring    system.    A communications   port   for   status/control   is   included   using   standard   serial   protocol.   The   system is configured on a standard Forager mounting plate.
Specification: Footprint:  12 x 30 inches Height: 11 inches Weight: 125lbs Communications: Serial Batteries: LiFePO4
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Auxiliary Power Module (APM)