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Technical Brief TB-1401  Omni-chassis styled Autonomous Robotic Vehicle (ARV) 1. Core Processing 2. Drive System - Wheel 3. Intra-communications 4. Sensor Suite 5. Guidance 6. Power 7. Communications
Application Note AN-1402  FPGA/CPLD Control System Integration for Sovereign Forager Autonomous Robotic Vehicle The Application Note looks at “the big picture” of the inclusive system.
Technical Brief TB-1750  Tower System Robotic Applications The brief contains two sections: first one is for experimental and second is for a commercial application.
Robotics Trends Interview Interview between William Lovell and Dan Kara, President of Robotics Trends at the CES Trade Show
Technical Brief TB-1403  Potential Payloads for Sovereign ARV Family A potential list of the payload bays for the Sovereign ARV family of autonomous robotic vehicles.
Gadgets & Gizmos Article  Article about Forager when he was on display at the CES show in January, 2010.
Forager Test Run Video  Demonstration of initial Forager on an outside trial run.  Average speed on road was about 2 mph without a payload.
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