“When one hand is not enough” This   new   design   can   be   utilized   for   disaster   work   or   everyday   construction.   The   module   has   two   5- DOF   robotic   arms.   Each   arm   can   lift   up   to   250-pounds,   and   auto-compensates   for   weight   as   the reach   maximizes.   The   end-effector   area   has   a   mount   plate   for   a   variety   of   attachments.   The   arms can   work   in   coordinated   unison   or   individually.   Arms   have   an   approximate   reach   of   9-feet.   The electric   housing   unit   depicted   in   the   rear   of   the   mounting   base   contains   control/interface   electronics and batteries. All   control   is   handled      via   a      16-slot   rack,   with-in   Forager,   containing   c-Link   Smart   Modules®.      The payload   utilizes   a   4-slot   section   of   the   rack   for   payload   Smart   Modules®   to   handle   the   direct   control of motors, data communications and other miscellaneous needs. The   battery/electronics   housing   is   IPC64   rated.   It   is   recommended   that   an   APM   be   included   with the configuration to extend work time.
Specification: Footprint:  30 x 30 inches Transport Height:  32 inches above Forager deck Capacity:  250 pounds each arm Wrist Rotate: ±180° (NOT built as a drill) Wrist end-effector tilt: ±90° End-effector reach: 80 inches centerline End-Effector: multiple available more in design Communications:  Fiber Optic.
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Dual Arm Module (DAM)