Specification: Footprint:  72 x 30 inches Transport Height:  23 inches above Forager deck Capacity: Hauling weight:  1000 lbs. (453.6Kg) Volume: 1.5 cubic yard (1.147 cubic meters) dump container Communications:  Cabled to Forager via Motor Port
“Why move it by hand when a machine can” The   DHBM   is   one   of   the   simplest   of   the   Omni-chassis   payloads.   This   unit   was   created   for moving    disaster    debris    or    just    everyday    movement    of    materials.    The    unit    can    work    in conjunction   with   another   Forager   system   such   as   WHAM.   Such   a   combination   creates   a   duo requiring only one human to monitor the operation if required.
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Dump-Hauler Body Module (DHBM)