Specification: Footprint: 42 x 30 inches Transport Height: 23 inches above Forager deck with boom in 0° position Boom Elevation: +35°/-7.5° Boom Travers: ±135° Boom: 2—36 inch, independently extendible sections Capacity: 500 pounds Wrist Rotate: ±180° (NOT built as a drill) Wrist end-effector tilt: +15°/-90° End-effector reach: 127 inches from traverse centerline End-Effector: multiple available more in design Communications: Fiber Optics
“When you want to reach out and touch something” EBAM   is   based   on   the   more   familiar   commercial   appearance.   Used   primarily   to   remove   or   place   items, this   unit   could   also   be   used   to   dig   a   trench   or   remove   loose   rock   from   a   tunnel   roof.   The   overall   motion   is a   5-DOF   arm   with   one   axis   being   the   2-stage   extendible   section.      The   heatsinked   unit   depicted   in   the rear of the mounting base contains control/interface electronics and batteries. All   control   is   handled      via   a      16-slot   rack,   with-in   Forager,   containing   c-Link   Smart   Modules®.      The payload   utilizes   a   4-slot   section   of   the   rack   for   payload   Smart   Modules®   to   handle   the   direct   control   of motors, data communications and other miscellaneous needs. The   battery/electronics   housing   is   IPC64   rated.   An   optional   camera   system   can   be   added   to   the   wrist   for operator viewing. Debris grip, scoop, grade blade and 4-prong clam shell bucket will be available.
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Extendable Boom Arm Module (EBAM)