Specification: Width:  52 inches Height: 17 inches (blade) Material: Aluminium, steel ground edge Cost:  $900USD
“For when you want to push things around” The   PBM   is   a   specialized   Omni-chassis   payload.   This   unit   was   created   for   general   purpose work   or   to   assist   in   disaster   entrance/exit.   The   blade   has   a   steel   edge   for   longer   life   and   is replaceable.   The   module   uses   an   electric   lift   actuator   with      manual   settable   blade   tilt.   The blade   assembly   can   be   installed/uninstalled   in   under   20   minutes.      The   system   mounts   in   place of   the   forward   tow/tie-down   rings   with   the   motor   mount   attaching   to   the   payload   deck   or   over an   attached   payload.   Can   be   used   as   an   anti-drag   brake   for   the   DAM,   ADSRM   or   WHAM. Controls   are   handled   via   an   on-board   processing   system   in   Forager.   With   chassis   electrical connection. The   blade   is   designed   wide   enough   to   protect   tires/tracks   when   in   use.   The   assembly   could   be rear mounted similar to a farm tractor, with no modifications.
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Push Blade Module (PBM)