Quick Specification: Þ Auto files bags to U.S. Army Corp of Engineers standards, Þ Configured for 14”x26” bags but can be reset for other sizes Þ Empty bag bin holder – 500 bags Þ Auto tie off system for bag top Þ 0.5 Cubic Yard sand hopper, volume may become dependent on sand weight Þ Robotic arm capable of 250 pound move capacity Þ Robotic arm in dike build mode pushes bag into place for conformance fit Þ Arm has a reach of 76” from base to wrist joint Þ 270° base rotation Þ Electronics contained within Forager Þ Can be controlled via hand controller Þ Optional camera feedback Þ Auxiliary battery bank Þ Auxiliary power connection to generator Þ All weather capable Þ End-effector self-changer system (Pat. Pending)
“Fill and Place all-in-one” The sand bag system is used to assist humans during disaster and general purpose work. The system be used to just fill and stack bags or fill and build a dike for flood control. System with optional bucket can fill its own hopper.
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Sand Bagging System Module (SBSM)