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c-Link Systems, Inc., established in 1997, has an extensive background in the industrial fiber optic communications, industrial controls and robotics.  The founder has an in-depth background in VME, MBI, MBII,  DS3800 buss structures, embedded systems, satellite guidance and flight systems.  The company has continued to expand into the autonomous vehicle arena. Along with commercial/industrial products, c-Link Systems has moved some of it’s product into the educational realm.  This was done with the release of a low cost PLC and a miniature tracked ARV. The company is delving further into autonomous vehicle controls as applied to commercial/industrial realm.  The key focal points being in disaster cleanup, landscaping, construction and education.
WILLIAM (BILL) G. LOVELL, CEO/SR. ENGINEER Bill   currently   holds   degrees   in   electronic   engineering,   mechanical   engineering   and   industrial   engineering.      He   has   been dealing   with   fiber   optics   since   the   early   1980s   and   has   worked   in   the   development   of   advanced   fiver optic   control   systems.      Bill   was   also   instrumental   in   the   full   fiber   optic   conversion   and   systems integration   of   Alcoa’s   #3   rolling   mill   in   Davenport,   IA.      This   included   the   development   of   G.E.   FANUC Series   9070   and   G.E.   Drive   System   3800   integration   hardware.            Bill   was   also   a   proponent   and developer for Intel’s MultiBus II and MIX bus structures. He   was   an   instructor   for   the   United   States   Air   Force   and   a   vocational   school,   teaching   both   analog   and   digital circuits;   computers   that   included   microprocessors   and   support;   memory,   peripheral   and   video   sub-systems;   PDP-11;   VAX;   micro   VAX and   software   instruction   in   Fortran   IV   and   77;   Intel   assembler   and   Pascal.      He   was   instrumental   in   the   development   in   a   hands-on course in robotics for a Massachusetts vocational school. Along   with   all   of   his   other   endeavors,   Bill   has   been   asked   to   be   a   consulting   engineer   for   the   PLD   and   FPGA   product   development line for both Xilinx and and Altera. Bill   was   also   nominated   and   accepted   in   the   Marquee’s   Who’s   Who   in   Science   &   Technology   and   Marquee’s   Who’s   Who Executive    Club    and    recently    received    an    Honor    in    American’s    Registry    of Outstanding Professionals.
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DANA K. LOVELL, PRODUCTION & Q.C. MANAGER Dana   manages   all   corporate   production   to   include   printed   circuit board     assembly     through     chassis     assembly,     metal     and composite.      Dana   also   handles   all   of   the different   Quality   Control   (QC)   sections   as required   by   the   various   products   in   the company   portfolio.      Dana’s   background   in controls    and    a    FAA    airframe    inspectors license   pushes   both   the   commercial   and educational    ARV    chassis    to    a    higher standard.
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