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Vole-Bot   is   a   disaster   searching   vehicle   from   c-Link   System,   Inc.      Vole-Bot’s   primary   job   is   to   be   deployed   during   mining disasters due to the ability to be lowered  through a bore hole. Vole-Bot   was   created   for   single   search   task   jobs   with   multiple   sensors.      Vole-Bot   can   be   deployed   through   a   7.5   inch bore   hole   or   slip   through   a   3.5   inch   high   opening   in   the   debris.      It   has   a   thermo-formed   body   which   allows   for   it   to   be treated   as   an   expendable   platform.      The   nose   section   houses   the   sensor   array   and   digital   camera.      This   array   bay   can   be changed   out   and   also   has   the   ability   to   be   lifted   on   a   boom.      Some   typical   sensor   payloads   are,   IR   scanner,   Methane sensor,   other   hydrocarbons   and   3Mpixel   color   camera.      Wireless   communications   was   formulated   to   function   with   a   base unit and other support robots in a hive construct. At   a   system   level   there   is   a   single   processing   card   based   on   Freescale   Semiconductors   Coldfire   V4   processor.      This   is   an explosion-proof tracked unit with anti-slip monitoring.  The drive system of a proprietary design. Specifications:                              Gross Weight: Target is less than 10 lbs. Sensors: Ultra-Sonics, GAS, Camera Electrical System: 7.2VDC Locomotion: Track  Communications: Wireless (Zig-Bee, 900MHz) Chassis Material: Composite Processor: MCF54410CMF250 (Freescale Semiconductor) Power Plant: Battery Li-Ion
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