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The   Forager-W   is   an   Omni-chassis   in   a   family   of   autonomous   robotic   vehicles   (ARV)   from   c-Link Systems,   Inc.      The   Omni-chassis   creates   the   ability   to   build   upon   a   unified   drive   chassis   enhancing   the creation of different end-usage systems. The   Forager-W   Omni-chassis   contains   a   locomotion   system,   a   power   plant   and   all   the   control   electronic.     The   chassis   itself   is   constructed   of   aluminum   with   all   welded   seams   thus   the   finished   chassis   is   IP64 rated. Locomotion   is   achieved   through   a   6-wheel   system   that   is   electrically   driven.      Tires   are   aggressive   or   the turf   saving   type,   tires   are   dependent   on   intended   usage.   Steering   is   accomplished   through   the   use   of the industry standard “skid-steer.” The   main   power   plant   is   160Ah   /   640Ah   battery   system.   The   80Ah   system   currently   is   in   the   shipping systems   and   is   comprised   of   SLA   batteries.   The   640Ah   is   an   optional   system   due   to   the   cost   LiFePO batteries.   Both   systems   are   comprised   in   banks   allowing   change-out   and   contain   monitor/charging circuits.   The   monitor/charging   modules   communicate   with   the   core   processor   to   relay   information   to the operator. Electronics   system   comprises   of   a   multiprocessor   core   block,   locomotion   system   controller,   inertial navigation   system,   payload   control   system/interface   and   communications.      The   system   resides   in   a water   tight   case   (IP68)   that   can   be   removed   in   the   field.   Power   distribution/charging/monitoring   are contained   in   a   second   case   similar   to   the   main   electronics.   The   systems   are   based   on   Freescale Semiconductor’s Tower System.
Feature List   Omni-chassis  Locomotion: 6 wheel  PMDC drive system  24V, 300Ah battery system  Multiple processor control  Inertial Navigation System  Sensor suite systems  Interchangeable payloads  Wireless/memory stick reconfigurable primary electronics
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Forager-W; Mk 3-B