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Industrial Controls and Robotics Class  Part of the Pre-Engineering Curriculum Beginning 28 Nov. 2011 Closed in Nov 2012 due to lack of Staff support Project Description c-Link   Systems   in   conjunction   with   the   Oxford   Hills   Technical   School   has   created   an   Industrial   Controls   and   Robotic   class   within   the   Pre- Engineering   course.   Some   of   the   subjects   to   be   covered,   this   is   not   an   in-depth   study   but   rather   an   overview   for   the   student   to   make   an informed decision on education path: 1. Engineering studies and fields 2. Blueprint, mechanical drawings and schematic reading 3. Motors and drive systems 4. Control systems, PC based and PLCs 5. CNC machining 6. Factory automation 7. Robots in the factory 8. Other types of robots As the course progresses more information will be released along with progress photos of the teams.
Majority of work has been completed. Further work has been suspended at this time.
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